World Prayer Assembly

WPA Theme Songs

We would like to share with you two exceptional worship songs that were written and adapted especially for the World Prayer Assembly!

‘As One We Stand’ was written and recorded by Terry and Barbi Franklin from |  It has been adapted for WPA 2.0

AS ONE WE STAND (World Version)

Who is the heartbeat of all nations
Who holds us in His Hand
He's the Lord of all creation
And before Him now we stand
You're the Alpha and Omega
No one can stop Your plan
Fulfilling Jesus' prayer for us
Surrounding every land


As one we stand
We Appeal to Heaven's throne
The world is yours
It belongs to You alone
Hand in hand we declare
Jesus is Lord
As one we stand
We worship You alone

From every generation
We humbly bow to You
There's a cry in all our hearts
For Your love we know is true
Confessing our complacency
And the idols we have made
We call to You for mercy Lord
Please heal this world we pray

Every nation
Every Christian
Every church in every land
We unify with one voice hand in hand

© 2022 Tylis Music Group (admin. Capitol Christian Music Group/ASCAP)

“The New Wave of Glory”

by Simon and Frank Adahl

The lyrics of the theme song of the first WPA written and performed for us by the gifted Swedish singing team, the Adahls, still capture what the WPA is all about and what we are asking the Lord to do for us all and for our world.

Let’s use it as a guide to our prayers for the WPA once again. The New Wave has come and is flowing upon the nations!

“The New Wave of Glory”

Now’s the time united we will stand
Stay aligned in every nation every land
From the north to the south
From the east to the west
A wave of glory will magnify His name

Let the new wave of glory
Flood the whole wide world
Holy Spirit send a fire upon us
Upon us.

Raise your voice
and praise the king of kings
so rejoice like an eagle spread your wings
From the north to the south
From the east to the west'
See the prophets words fulfilled
Walls will tumble down and fall
Oh were waiting to see the glory cover all

Let the new wave of glory
Flood the whole wide world
Holy Spirit send a fire upon us
And all over His kingdom

Let the prayers give birth
to this new wave of glory
upon us.

Music & Lyrics: Simon and Frank Adahl © All Rights Reserved

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