World Prayer Assembly

WPA Distinctives

This document, originally written for WPA 2012 outlines our guiding principles.

A New Paradigm

The World Prayer Assembly will be a "new paradigm" for an international congress of ministry and marketplace leaders. It will be an Acts 13-type encounter with the living God who longs to reveal Himself to those who are listening and wanting to implement His strategies for "prayer-action" that will revive and transform our world. Five early church leaders at Antioch gave the Lord opportunity to speak. The result was the launch of the mission movement to the Gentiles that brought the Good News of Jesus Christ to Europe and eventually around the world, changing human history more than any other movement.

What will happen when ministry leaders, youth and children gather in Jakarta to do the same? We believe it will be a "new wave" of His glory. It has the potential to bring revival and transformation to the nations as the Spirit of the Lord through the global prayer movement, joining with the mission and marketplace movements, rises up like a mighty spiritual tsunami, flowing back across the nations!

Hearing from the Lord of the Church Many internationally renowned men and women of God as well as many prayer, mission and marketplace networks from around the world are meeting together here in Jakarta. Some political officials have also been invited.

We are not, however, gathering around great human personalities or important networks and organizations. We are gathering to seek the Lord of all the earth, the majestic God of glory, wisdom and love, and to hear from Him - directly - His presence will be the main draw because we are convinced that He will speak as we give Him the opportunity to do so. Every presentation will seek to facilitate prayerful encounter with God around a particular issue - so that we hear back from Him regarding His assignments for us corporately and personally.


The WPA will be tri-generational. Youth and children will help lead the WPA along with the adults. We recognize that God often uses the youngest and least known to convey His most important messages. We want to listen to what they have to say and pray. As we partner with the younger generations and encourage them to share in leadership, we believe the Lord will raise up many new Josephs, Daniels, Samuels, Esthers, and Deborahs to do exploits for Him in generations to come.

Track Sessions According to Calling and Assignment

During our day sessions, we will focus on various international issues, models of ministry and social spheres. Participants will have the opportunity to caucus according to their own choice and ministry calling. They will also hear updates on what is happening in that particular arena of concern.

Together they will seek God with others who share their same passion for His strategies of "prayer- action" for the transformation of that issue or sphere.

Unity of the Body of Christ

The atmosphere of the WPA will be characterized by openness to God and others from diverse traditions and movements within the Body of Christ. We will meet in fulfillment of Jesus' prayer in John 17 for true heart-unity within His Body. It will be a time of listening to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and sharing what we believe the Lord is saying.

Prayer Saturated

The WPA will be saturated with prayer in many different formats and styles - personal, contemplative, pairs, triplets and small groups. We will also join in prayer together in plenary sessions led by adults, youth and/or children from the platform. We want to be open to the richness of what the Spirit is doing and saying throughout the Body of Christ, not foolishly thinking that our way of understanding and practice is necessarily the only right way.

Learning Together

It will be an adventure of learning from the Lord and one another, as we enthrone Him, submit ourselves in His Presence and we watch Him do His wonders among us.

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World Prayer Together 2 is convened by My Home Indonesia, International Prayer Connect and many worldwide partners:

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