World Prayer Assembly

What is WPA? – A short history

A Brief History

The first International Prayer Assembly was held in Korea in 1984. It was a powerful rocket thrust that ignited many of the national and regional prayer efforts we see in force today .. The International Prayer Assembly was catalytic in encouraging the formation of many such national and international networks as well as numerous special prayer initiatives that the Lord used to bless His Church and bring transformation to the nations.

After more than 27 years, we believed that there was a huge need to held another International Prayer Assembly that was called the World Prayer Assembly (WPA) in 2012.

-What is WPA?

World Prayer Assembly (WPA) is not an organization. It is a prayer assembly for Christian leaders from various churches and Christian organizations around the world in order to seek God's plan for bringing transformation to the nations. The World Prayer Assembly was held on May 14-18, 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a privilege for Indonesia to host this divine assembly. South Korea assisted the event as a co-host.

The Theme

The theme of World Prayer Assembly (WPA) 2012 was A New Wave is Coming. It was taken from Habbakuk 2:14. The prophetic affirmation of Habakkuk, who in a time of great turmoil much like our world is experiencing, declared that the earth would be "filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea'.

We believed that WPA 2012 was a stepping stone to see the fullfillment of God's promises as written in Habbakuk 2:14. The prayer and mission movements moving together like two streams flowing as one river, integrating and supporting one another, would be the way Habakkuk's word would be fulfilled.

WPA 2012 saw many new partnerships forged across the nations, denominations and generations. We have seen a step-change and a huge momentum of activity as the prayer and mission movements have collaborated in taking the Gospel to the unreached nations of the world with prayer valued as the ‘boiler-house’.

Some leaders gathered as the 10-year anniversary of WPA 2012 was approaching and sensed that we were being called to draw everyone together once more, to seek the Lord and to hear from him and each other as we prayerfully discern the steps we should be taking this next decade.

From there, WPA 2.0 was birthed!

Due to the pandemic and its ongoing effects, the natural solution would be to meet online, as many of us have been for 2 years. So, 100 or so leaders will be hosted in Indonesia from where they will be streaming an inspirational program, with remote contributions and participation from many tens of thousands of us around the world.

During this event, you will get to hear many testimonies to the transformational power of prayer as it emboldens and equips God’s people for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission.

We look forward to sharing more of this incredible story of what God has been doing through WPA with you! Our prayer is that in 2022, you become a part of the story!

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World Prayer Together 2 is convened by My Home Indonesia, International Prayer Connect and many worldwide partners:

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