World Prayer Assembly

Presenters Profiles

Name: Dr. Jason Hubbard
Title: Director of International Prayer Connect
Region: USA

Dr. Jason Hubbard currently serves as the Director of International Prayer Connect (IPC) - a global network of hundreds of global prayer networks and ministries.

IPC’s vision is to “Catalyze united prayer across nations, denominations, movements, and generations for the fulfilment of the great commission”

IPC also helps to mobilize prayer for several mission organizations, Go Movement, RUN ministries, and Finishing the Task (FTT). January 2021, IPC launched a Global Family 24/7 Digital Prayer Room, with 40 nations and 20 languages participating.


Name: Kym Farnik
Title: Prayer Leader (Canberra Declaration and Australia Prays)
Region: Australia/Oceania

Kym lives with his wife Nel in Adelaide, South Australia. He has a background in business and the IT industry. Kym and Nel are active in local, national, and global ministries and have ministered in various nations including Kenya, Uganda, and Israel.

Among the various ministries Kym has worked with is the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Kym is passionate about unity in the ekklesia (the church) so that the gospel of the kingdom can be preached. Kym’s prophetic ministry site is at , where you can connect with both Kym and Nel. They are both active in a variety of local and national prayer groups (Canberra Declaration and Australia Prays) and have a particular call to support the nation of Israel."


Name: Bekele Shanko
Title: Global Vice President of Campus Crusade for Christ - Global Church Movements
Region: Global

Bekele was born and raised in Ethiopia, where he worked as a Head of Information Management for the National HIV/AIDS Control Program before beginning full-time missionary work with CCC in 1993. Since then, he has held diverse leadership roles within the organization, including National Director for Ethiopia, Regional Director for Southern and Eastern Africa and currently serves as Global Vice President providing leadership to Global Church Movements. Additionally, he is the founder and president of Global Alliance for Church Multiplication (GACX). Bekele holds a bachelor’s degree in statistics and mathematics and a master’s degree in organizational leadership in addition to a doctorate in global transformational leadership. Bekele recently published Never Alone: From Ethiopian Villager to Global Leader. He lives in Orlando, FL, with his wife, Shewa, and they have four children.

Name: Rev. Rick Ridings
Title: Founder Succat Hallel 24/7 Jerusalem
Region: Israel / Middle East

Rick Ridings has lived in Jerusalem for 23 years. He and his wife, Patricia, founded and lead Succat Hallel, a 24/7 house of prayer overlooking the Temple Mt. and Mt. Zion. It is known for youth worship and training that have brought together hundreds of Jewish, Arab, and Palestinian youth. They and their teams have ministered extensively encouraging houses of prayer across the Middle East and North Africa.

Rick is considered a leader in the global prayer and worship movement. His ministry has brought him before six Presidents and Prime Ministers. He and Patricia are the authors of “Shifting Nations Through Houses of Prayer”.

Rick’s passion is to see a generation raised up that will give themselves fully in love and ministry to the Lord, and who will serve the purposes of God in their generation.

Rick and Patricia have ministered on TBN, CBN, GOD TV, and in over 55 nations. They are blessed to have three daughters, all in worship ministry, two of them on earth, and one in heaven; and fourteen wonderful grandchildren."


Name: John Hur
Title: General Secretary of Transform World 2033, CEO of 4/14 Window Korea Network
Region: East Asia

Elder John Hur was born in South Korea. He is passionate about building bridges among Jesus’ servants in the spirit of Rom. 12:2. His ministries are for Transform World (TW) and NextGen 4/14 Window. He was a banker and later joined a Kingdom Biz company and a mission agency cum NGO. John has been serving for Transform Korea Connections since 2007, facilitated 4/14 Window Global Conference Korea 2010, founded 4/14 Window Korea Network in 2012, served for World Prayer Assembly Jakarta 2012, and Transform World 2012-2020 as East Asia Facilitator. Now, he serves for Transform World 2033 as the General Secretary from 2021.

Website "Transform World 2033 -

Name: Yanira Gonzalez
Title: International Prayer Council
Region: Latin America

Dr. Judith Yanira Gonzalez is a speaker, teacher, strategic prophetic intercessor involved in the Global Prayer Movement for almost 30 years. Yanira currently serves as an Executive Team Member for the International Prayer Council (IPC). As part of IPC’s 12 regional prayer councils, she is Chairman of CLAMOR (Consejo Latinoamericano de Oración). IPC is a coalition of more than 4000 Christian prayer networks and organizations who share a common vision to catalyze united prayer across nations, denominations, movements, and generations for the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

Yanira is also the Latin American facilitator for The Global Day of Prayer, Prayer ambassador for the National Hispanic Leadership Conference and Director of Kairos International Ministries. She has participated with several national and international apostolic – prophetic intercessory organizations in over 56 countries in Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Her heart is for Israel and the Jewish people.

Yanira is a licensed ordained minister, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Master of Divinity from UCA -El Salvador, and received her Doctorate from the Latin University of Theology of California.

She was born and raised in El Salvador. Yanira is married to Jose Gonzalez. They are blessed with two daughters, and six grandchildren."


Names: Terry & Barbi Franklin,
Title: Singers, Songwriters, and Speakers, Love Sings Ministries and Worship City
Region: United States of America

Terry & Barbi Franklin founded Love Sings Ministries in 1985, which is the worldwide Worship and Family Ministry of Terry & Barbi Franklin. Their theme is, “Inspiring Love in the Home & Revival in the Church” (since 1985). They have held Worship Events and Marriage Retreats in 40 nations around the globe for the last 3 decades. Terry & Barbi have seen what ushers in true revival and awakening. Because it most often springs out of fasting, prayer, and worship, they integrate this focus throughout all of their events. While still ministering worldwide, they founded their local Tennessee ministry in 2011, "Changing our Cities to Change the World through Fasting Prayer & Worship" to stir up revival and awakening in their own region as well, working with worship and prayer leaders across the whole state.


Name: Tom Victor
Title: President – The Great Commission Coalition
Region: North America

Founded in 1999, The Great Commission Coalition (GCC) serves to unite the Church in Prayer, Mission and Generational Movements for the fulfilment of the Great Commission. Asia has been a central focus for GCC from the beginning. Tom also serves on the Executive Committee of the International Prayer Connect Team and as a member for the Global Children's Task Force with their vision of "every child, everywhere on mission with God!" The Great Commission Coalition is one of the 100+ members of the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication. GCC also serves with the Go Movement, Billion Soul Harvest Team and the Breakthrough Prayer Team of Finishing The Task.


Name: John Robb
Title: Chair, Transformation Prayer Foundation

John Robb formerly served as a missionary in Malaysia and later as prayer and mission program director for World Vision International. He coordinated the AD2000 and Beyond Unreached Peoples track leading to the Great Commission Roundtable (Lausanne, AD2000 and Beyond and WEA), a collaborative mission endeavor. After the tragic events of 9/11 and with the help of other prayer leaders, he founded and until the end of 2020 chaired the International Prayer Council/International Prayer Connect, a worldwide ""network of networks"" for transformational prayer and mission.,

Over the several decades of his ministry, he has sought to connect Christ’s people in both mission and prayer initiatives for national, regional, and global impact. To the glory of God, extraordinary breakthroughs have often occurred during hopeless wars as the Lord has brought about reconciliation peace agreements in stunning, completely unexpected ways. Significant spiritual revivals and turnings to Christ have also occurred as the Lord has answered prayer and worked powerfully in many of the over 100 countries where John and his teams have been privileged to serve.

Other prayer initiatives have connected hundreds of Christ’s people and children from many nations to pray for the issues confronting our world with ambassadors inside the United Nations on three occasions. He served as international facilitator for the World Prayer Assembly that was held in Jakarta in 2012 with the remarkable efforts of the marvellous Indonesian prayer and marketplace leaders. It connected millions of praying people there and throughout the world that, in God’s hands, continues to send out ripples of transformation and revival. John has also championed the cause of children and youth, involving them where possible, realizing their great value as partners in Christ’s prayer and mission movements both now and for the future.
John currently chairs the Transformation Prayer Foundation which supports prayer, humanitarian and mission endeavors throughout the world and the Unreached Peoples/Adopt a People Task Force that seeks to get the least reached peoples of the earth adopted in prayer for mission engagement.

He founded and continues to serve as convener of the biennial National Prayer Assembly (USA) and on the planning teams for the World Prayer Assembly 2.0, Go Movement, and Billion Soul Harvest, all of which seek to connect mission/evangelism efforts along with the prayer movement towards the goal of reaching everyone on earth with the Gospel by 2030.

He and his wife, Lori, have three children and three grandchildren and have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. “Serving the Lord together all these years has been an amazing privilege and adventure!”


Name: Nicky Ling
Title: Executive Servant Catalyst, Southeast Asia Prayer Council
Region: Southeast Asia

Nicky Ling was born in Sarawak, Borneo. He has lived in Kajang (Satay town), Selangor for 25 years. He currently serves as one of the Executive Servant Catalyst of Southeast Asia Prayer Council (SEAPC). This movement (SEAPC) originated when global prayer leaders gathered in 2002 in South Africa. It was hosted by the International Prayer Council. Southeast Asia delegates were present and saw the need to unite in a more cohesive manner. Southeast Asia Prayer Council (SEAPC) was birthed when Cambodia hosted the SEA Prayer Consultation in 2003. Over the years, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore have hosted SEAPC.

It envisions God’s visitation, revival, and transformation in the eleven nations. The mission statement includes:

…compelled by God to seek Christ’s glory for the blessing, healing, and transforming of nations, the South East Asia Prayer Council exists as a coalition of national prayer networks working together to catalyze and empower national prayer movements linking churches and ministries to fill South East Asia with prayer for the completion of the Great Commission.


Name: Werner Nachtigal
Title: Founder and President, GO Movement
Region: Worldwide

Werner Nachtigal is an evangelist with a passion to reach people with the Gospel. He is the international president of GO Movement, through which over 120 million Christians worldwide have been mobilized to share the Gospel. In 10 years, millions of people made a decision for Christ. His evangelistic booklets and tracts have a cumulative print run of over 265 million. He and his wife Birgitta are living in Berlin and they have three grown up children.


Name: Erwin Widjaja
Title: Executive Servant Catalyst, SEAPC; Pastor of GBI Windsor Square Batam-Indonesia
Region: South East Asia

Erwin was born in Jambi -Sumatra, Born again in Stillwater, OK-USA while studying at OSU (Oklahoma State University) and received God's calling as a Pastor a year after born again. Now, Erwin is active in Pastoring a Local Church in Batam and prayer movement since WPA 2012 and began to be actively involved in the Southeast Asia Prayer movement through SEAPC in 2016. And now he is one of the 4 Executive Servant Catalysts in the South East Asia Prayer Council (SEAPC) who have a longing to see God's extraordinary visitation in Southeast Asia.

Name: Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo
Title: Founder and Senior Pastor of GEREJA BETHEL INDONESIA, "Jl. Jens. Ganot Subroto" in Jakarta
Region: Indonesian

Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo is the Founder and Senior Pastor of GEREJA BETHEL INDONESIA, ""Jl. Jed. Gatos Subroto"" in Jakarta. He began this congregation with 400 attendees in 1988, now has grown to approximately 300,000 members, 1,200 satellite branches, and 6,200 cell-groups.

He received two Honorary Doctor Degrees, Doctor of Divinity from the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA (2001) and Doctor of Theology from the Hansen University in Seoul, Korea (2014). He envisions that his network of global congregations would be known for their love for the hurting and needy.

Together with his wife, Her mien Irawati, and his son, Billy, his daughter-in-law, Milkha, and his grandchildren, Bryan and Janice, they serve to bring revival all over the world."

God had placed a divine call on him to become Indonesia’s first full-time worshipper, and with that came a special calling to lead worshippers into the presence of God. The Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, Tennessee, USA established the “Niko Njotoraharjo Chair for The Restoration of The Tabernacle of David” to ensure that Biblical principles of prayer, praise and worship are an integral part of the Seminary and the Global Church.
Dr. Niko also received several awards for his worship albums, along with accolades for his ministry leadership. He conducted more than 318 Healing Crusades and outreaches to transform the lives of the impoverished.


Name: Rev. Dr. Maria Harbajan
Title: President and CEO of the National Intercessory Prayer Network of Jamaica & Prayer Centre of the Caribbean
Region: Caribbean

Maria Harbajan is President and CEO of the National Intercessory Prayer Network of Jamaica & Prayer Centre of the Caribbean. She is an ordained minister and involved in the ministry of intercession for over 40 years - interceding for the Church, Jamaica and the nations unreached with the gospel. She is author of the book, “ARISE…Intercessors Arise!” – a manual for the birthing, training and restoration of intercessors, making them along with their pastors, a “Dream Team” and the companion Workbook, for the Certificate Course for Intercessors. Also, co-author with her husband, Rev. Devon Harbajan of “When A Man Prays, The Lion & the Lamb Must Arise!” Her latest book, “This Thing Called Real-ationships”, written to help all types of relationships, from the womb to the tomb. She is coordinator and a teacher in the Diploma/Degree in Ministry courses done in association with International School of Ministries, USA and Send The Light Ministries, Jamaica. She was the host of a radio programme, “ARISE AND BUILD JAMAICA”, which aired on LOVE FM, for 24 years.

Mrs. Harbajan has known Jesus as her personal Saviour since she was 15 years old. She attended Jamaica Theological Seminary graduating with a degree in Theology and Caribbean Graduate School of Theology graduating with a master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. She also graduated from Central Christian University with a Doctorate in Ministry. Mrs. Harbajan did leadership studies at the Haggai Institute in Singapore in 2000. She has been in full-time ministry since 1991.

She is a member of the Executive Team of the International Prayer Council as convener of the Caribbean Prayer Summit which has been held in Barbados, Suriname and Jamaica.

Mrs. Harbajan is founder and senior counsellor at the OASIS Counselling Services - seeking to restore individuals, families, businesses, etc. to their purpose in God. A speaker at conferences, camps, schools, churches, etc. She speaks on a variety of topics including Relationships, Intercession, Spiritual Warfare, Stress Management, Issues Involving Young People, Personal issues that affect people in the workplace, etc. Her ministry travels have taken her to the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe, Central, North and South America.

She is a prayer leader and a member of the Missions Board at the Portmore Gospel Assembly. Married to Devon, a Minister of Religion; they have a son DeMario Samuel and many spiritual children. The Harbajans serve together in missions and intercession.

Name: Candy Marballi
Title: President & CEO of The Prayer Covenant
Region: United States of America

Since 2018, Candy Marballi serves as President & CEO of The Prayer Covenant whose mission is making disciples among the children and youth of the nations. She focuses on relationship building, networking, and influencing global ministry leaders to raise awareness and resources for equipping and empowering children to be on mission with God through prayer and evangelism. She has served in children’s ministries for over 30 years in the United States, Japan and the Philippines. She serves on the International Prayer Council, the Global Leadership Group of the 3rd B of Finishing the Task, and on the boards of The Great Commission Coalition, Go Movement, and the Prayer Covenant. She is an ordained pastor by CCF International ministries.

She authored, The Power of the Prayer Covenant for Children, which was launched at the 4/14 Best Practices Conference at Promise Ministries, NYC, in October 2014. The book was awarded GOLD for Education by Illumination Book Awards for 2015 and is presently being used to disciple, transform and evangelize children and youth in 71 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and the Middle East. Over 8 million children and youth have been reached with this prayer tool. Her newest book, He Hears Her Voice, has been released by Hachette in April 2022.
She is a wife of 39 years to Vik Marballi and they have two married children. They reside in New Albany, Ohio.


Name: Rev. Ann Low
Title: Executive Member of International Prayer Connect, Advisor to South-east Asia Prayer Council, Ignitor of Hand-in-Hand with Families In Prayer, Ordained minister with Assemblies of God Malaysia
Region: Southeast Asia

Ann Low Tin Geok, is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in Malaysia. She is one of the Senior Advisors to the South East Asia Prayer Council where she has been involved for the last 14 years, She was called into the ministry in 1988 and went to Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas from 1989-1990 for training, equipping and preparation for ministry.

Ann is an Executive Member of International Prayer Connect and has been associated with IPC for 19 years. She is one of the pioneers of MNPN (Malaysia National Prayer Nurturing) focused on transformation and revival; and now currently leads with other two leaders, the Daily Noon Prayer which attracts many to pray. Daily Noon Prayer has signed up 4 slots to pray on the recently launched Malaysia United FIREWALL. She is an ‘ignitor’ of the recently launched ‘Hand-in-Hand with Families in Prayer’ project.

In 1991, Ann returned to Malaysia and served as one of the Associate Pastors of Kajang Assembly of God in the area of missions, prayer and evangelism. She led mission teams to Philippines, Thailand, India, China and Bangladesh. Ann was privileged to be part of the Pastors' Fellowship to organize the first Easter Prayer March for Kajang in 1993, the first of such an event in Malaysia.

In April 2000, in obedience to the call of the Lord, she joined NECF Malaysia (National Evangelical Christian Fellowship) as the Executive Secretary (Prayer) until December 2008. She has seen God worked mightily in mobilizing Christians to pray for Malaysia for the last 8 years.

As the former National Prayer Facilitator of Malaysian National Prayer Nurturing (MNPN), she travelled to different states to share and teach on prayer and intercession and encouraged Pastors' Fellowships. MNPN is a ministry committed to nurturing the generations in prayer to passionate and holy living according to God's Word, being set apart for His purposes, preparing the bride of Christ to awaken and fulfil the Great Commission. She worked alongside different prayer networks to come together and pray fervently for revival of the Church and transformation of Malaysia. From 2010 till 2017, she relocated herself to focus on Sabah and Sarawak, working with churches and prayer groups."

Name: Onassis Jeevaraj
Region: South East Asia

CHIEF EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - Current Chief Executive Director of Window International Network (WIN). Involved in WIN since 2006 in different capacities as a volunteer, resource person and leading international teams for prayer journeys.

Onassis is an executive board member of IPC - His involvement with the organization started since 2007 and he has worked in different capacities as consultant, staff core team, executive team member and currently as board member since 2017.

NATIONAL DIRECTOR - Travelling to different parts of India, partnering with different Churches, to promote global outreach day in evangelism.

SOUTH ASIA REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE - - Encourage or adopt a people group to pray, developed resources, written a number of prayer manuals. Involvement since 2018.

NATIONAL PRAYER NETWORK - Founding trustee and initiator. From 2002-2015 Onassis was a Board Member. He helped establish National Prayer Network across 25 states & 300 plus cities and towns.

FOUNDER - – This is a movement against Human Trafficking. They have built 40 houses for needy families, provided alternative livelihood for 15 families, dug 5 borewells for communities and helped 50 children in their education.

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