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‘Out of the Mouths of Children’ by Candy Marballi

‘Out of the mouths of Children…’ – Why teach our kids how to pray?

Our children are in a battle for their lives. Satan, the master of deception, is devouring them and the question is what we should be doing as the Church to equip them to face this enemy.

We war not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness. It is why we must be more committed than ever to insure our children put on the whole armor of God so that they may be equipped to stand against the devil and not just stand, but to stand firm, clothed in his righteousness and dressed in His armor then we read in verse 16 to to pray in the spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests to be alert and always be praying. Pray that whenever I speak words may be given me that I may fearlessly make known the Gospel.

Prayer is foundational and fundamental to establishing a child in their walk with Jesus Christ. It is our mandate to teach children to pray. Things we have heard and known, things our fathers have taught us, we will not hide them from our children but will tell the coming generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord and His power. Children need to know the power they possess through prayer and they need to know their voice counts in the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is the prayer covenant and why has God unleashed this simple prayer strategy in 72 nations around the world?

  1. Because it is Scripture based. Every line of the prayer is grounded in the Word of God.
  2. Because it is Christ-centered. Every line of the prayer is inviting Jesus to do a work of transformation within us - sanctifying us and making us more like Himself.
  3. Because it nurtures a child’s relationship with the Living God resulting in sticky faith.

If we are not teaching our children to pray, we are not equipping them to stand against the devil’s schemes. If children are not hiding God’s word in their heart, they are without the sword of the spirit and cannot possibly win the battle. Why was David a boy of 12 when he fought Goliath? What did God teach us in that story? That children who possess an unshakeable faith in an unshakeable God can face any giant and be victorious. Is it any wonder Jesus said, unless you become like one of these?

John 15:16 says, You didn’t choose Me, but I chose you, that you should go and bear fruit, that your fruit should remain that whatever you ask in My name, I will do.

Millions of children around the world are asking God to impart His grace, love, compassion, forgiveness, commitment, dependence in their hearts and minds and He is responding. Heaven draws near when children pray because they come with a faith that says, “My Abba can do anything!” And because they are asking Him to give them everything He desires to give.

Why? Because He commanded that we love Him and love others; because he told us if we do not forgive others, we will not be forgiven; because He said our purpose for being on this earth is to glorify Him. And when children are praying “Fill me with your Holy Spirit,” it is the same Holy Spirit you and I receive. When we say, Jesus, make me a messenger of your grace, truth, and justice. Use me for your glory and to invite others to follow you; they are praying the Great Commission - in obedience to Christ’s commands.

There is a great untapped harvest force Jesus is raising up in these last days all over the world. We must not be like the disciples whom Jesus rebuked when the children tried to make their way to the Savior. Children, like adults, need vision, they need purpose, they need to understand their identity as children of the Most High God. They need to know they have been called for such a time as this.

And so we move from prayer to evangelism because as children are praying this prayer, they’re becoming more and more like Jesus with His heart for those around them and they are making effective gospel grace messengers.

When the Prayer covenant partnered with Go Movement, God birthed Last Quarter Evangelism on the African continent. In one year’s time it exploded and the result over a period of 12 months has been one million decisions for Jesus Christ - through the testimonies of the children.

In Psalm 8:2 we read, Out of the mouths of children and infants, God has ordained praise to silence the enemy! In Psalm 2:8 we read, Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for an inheritance. God is using the prayers and testimonies of the children to win the nations.

Why do children make effective evangelists? They’re relational! They’re courageous! They’re joy-filled and most people will not refuse a gospel tract from a child. They are grace filled messengers. My heart’s desire is to see every denomination inviting the children and youth to be part of the end-times harvest force for Jesus. We must first teach them to pray and then teach them how to share their faith with others. Pastors, if we are to rely only on the adults it will take many lifetimes - the sad reality is that only a few percent of adults in the church pews are actively sharing their faith or feel compelled to make disciples.

When we equip and empower kids to be part of the evangelistic outreaches many things happen:

  1. They understand their purpose as Christ followers
  2. Serving fills them with joy - it captures their heart, and they fall more and more in love with Jesus
  3. They’re in for life; bearing lasting fruit.

God is birthing movements in some of the most populated nations in the world - and it’s because “out of the mouths of children God himself has ordained praise to silence the enemy.” So, let’s join hands with the children - God is calling the generations to work together; the denominations to work together; ministries to come together in unity with one goal so that everyone on earth hears the Gospel.

Candy Marballi – President & CEO

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