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John 17:21 is one of the anchor verses for the WPA. Its organizers believe the WPA will be a partial fulfillment of Jesus' prayer for our unity in Him-that we may experience this glory ourselves and become one as He and the Father are one so the world will also believe and experience this magnificent reality.

Here are some suggestions that will make your experience at the WPA 2.0 much more meaningful for you and others:

Be alert spiritually Let the Lord guide and speak to you through His word, still small voice and through others so you will be ready to play your important part in this corporate prayer encounter with Him and one another.

Meeting New People and Organisations

The WPA's Sardius Media conference platform gives us all the opportunity to network and connect with people in new ways!  There are some online exhibition stands in the Prayer and Mission Connect Area for you to explore, and there is a unique Networking tool on the Watch Page!  We trust that you will find this invaluable, as it creates an amazing way to share and pray with people you have never met before, with similar callings, ministry or interests.

Don't Get Screened or Zoomed Out!

Do take time to stay refreshed and hydrated between sessions. Watching and listening online can be tiring, even though it is extremely engaging. 

Be careful about time!

Time zones can be confusing... It's so easy to miss a session by an hour either way!  There is a handy online time zone calculator HERE

Even though we are online, its still good to be on time for the plenary and regional sessions! Lets be in a place of prayer as we log on and take our virtual seats a few minutes before the sessions are scheduled to start.

Maintain unity in our diversity

Because there will be so many different Christian church traditions, including diverse views and practices of spirituality and prayer from other nations and cultures, please refrain from any actions that would be offensive or disturbing to others. Let love be the controlling impulse for all you do and say as well as how you express yourself in worship and prayer. Respect and try to learn from others, letting sensitivity and humility of heart guide you, so that we can follow the apostolic command to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace'

Prophetic Words

Remember that the WPA is an encounter with the Lord and each other. It is not about us but about Him and His purposes for the global prayer movement and for the transformation of our world. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with God in such a diverse international online gathering, carried out in this unique Acts 13 style. Let's give the Lord our full attention together and we will be amazed at how He moves and speaks as we listen corporately.

Please feedback to us!

If the Lord gives you a strong impression or word that you are sure comes from Him, please share it in writing in the chat or by email to wpa2022<at>   We want to keep open before God who we believe will be speaking through many different people and in many different ways during this gathering.

Share WPA 2.0 with your Contacts!

World Prayer Together 2 is convened by My Home Indonesia, International Prayer Connect and many worldwide partners:

WPA2 - a joint project managed by International Prayer Connect (IPC), MY HOME Indonesia and others. IPC also known as International Prayer Council.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the USA.
Registered Office Address: 313 E Wiser Lake Rd, Lynden WA, 98264, USA

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