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BOOK: Window on the Darkness - by Brian Mills

BOOK/KINDLE: by Brian Mills

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This is a second edition of this widely read and highly acclaimed book written by the respected father of the worldwide Prayer Movement - Brian Mills.

Have you ever wondered just why the darkness in the world today seems to be getting darker, and what can be done about it?

This book sheds fresh light on this topic, and on the spiritual nature of this darkness. It shines the light of Scripture on the evil one and on the way in which so many have become bewitched. This is a clarion call to the church and individual Christians to get ready to do battle with the powers of darkness, and to shine Christ's light more powerfully.

Brian Mills writes out of many years of experience in international prayer ministry. He is a senior advisor in the International Prayer Council and is one of the leaders in the International Reconciliation movement. He has ministered in over 75 nations and authored nine books to date. He is also part of a global group that is seeking to understand more about the dark spiritual powers at work in the world.

Excerpts from some recent reviews:

"An informative book on the operation of spiritual darkness and the need for Christ’s people to stand against it." (John D Robb - Chairman, IPC Prayer)

'Thought provoking insights into the spiritual aspects of today's world and reminder of our role to pray. Well worth a read.' JRB - Amazon

'An easily read and timely call to vigilance and to personal holiness. Much needed. We've bought a number of copies for passing on to friends.' RC - Amazon

'Strategic book for understanding tactics of the enemy! I have now read this twice it is so appropriate for preparation for mission, for church leaders and intercessors!' Anon - Amazon

Order ‘Window on the Darkness’ by Brian Mills in print or Kindle formats from:

Amazon USA   $11.36 Paperback | $3.74 Kindle

Amazon UK    £8.99 Paperback | £2.99 Kindle

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