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BOOK: Moravian Miracle - by Dr Jason Hubbard

The Moravians changed the world.
By God’s grace, we will too.

The prayers of humble believers change the course of history. A band of ragtag worshippers discovered this truth in 18th-century rural Germany, launching a 100-year prayer meeting that birthed the modern missionary movement.

Often overlooked, the story of the Moravians comes to life in this incisive, devotional account. Moravian Miracle will fix your gaze on the glorious, conquering Lamb who is now gathering his church for one final prayer-saturated harvest of souls.

Dr Jason Hubbard is the Director of International Prayer Connect. Husband to Kristie, a father of three and a grandfather of four, Jason’s desire is to be an extravagant worshipper of Jesus, a deliverer of men, and a godly family man. Jason also serves as a board member of America Prays, the National Prayer Committee, and Greater Commission Coalition.


‘My dear friend Dr Jason Hubbard has captured the heart of one of the great prayer and missions movements in church history. Mora-vian Miracle is fascinating reading, and deeply motivating. Let us follow in the footsteps of these courageous, prayer-devoted believ-ers and finish the task of the great commission in our generation!’

Author, The Purpose Driven Life
Executive Director, Finishing the Task Coalition

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